Before filmmaking, Jason started out in live theater in his hometown of Willow Springs. In 2002, he played Mr. Darling in the Star Theater production of “Peter Pan.” This really helped open Jason up to the creative side of himself even more. It helped him delve into one field he had wanted to explore; directing. In 2003 he was the second assistant director for the Star Theaters production of, “The Wind in the Willows.” The experience opened up more opportunities. 

His senior year in 2004 Jason directed an adaptation of “The Hobbit.” The show sold out all but one showing.  Since that time, the Star Theater has done two weekend showings of their productions. He followed up “The Hobbit” with two high school theater performances. “A Redneck Christmas Carol,” which he co-wrote and co-directed and the one act pirate play, “Marooned: A Pirates Tale” which he also directed. After those productions, Jason’s film career took off and he focused on it.

Since that time, Jason has had the itch to get back to live theater.  “In passing with one of the actors, George Cron, on a web series i was directing, started talking to me about live theater. He said he was starting up some live shows monthly and to let him know if was interested,” says Jason. Months later they chatted again and his monthly horror show, “Grave Tales,” was in full swing in down town Springfield. The show harkened back to grand guignol style theater. Better translated by Merriam Webster Dictionary as, dramatic entertainment featuring the gruesome or horrible.

With my natural love of the horror genre Jason’s interest was piqued. Jason recalled, “I submitted a one act play I had wanted to do for some time; A modern day version of Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Cask of Amontillado.” The idea had started out asa possible short film idea, but felt right for stage adaptation. So 13 years later, I stepped back into the role of director for “Amontillado.”


Jason is currently doing runs with Grave Tales as time allows. He has aspirations to write and produce some of his own work under his own banner down the road. One dream project is his own version of the Shakespearian  classic, “Macbeth.”

Jason is open to working with other theater companies on a creative level. For more information and what services Jason can provide, email at








 –The Beast in the Cave-

(Adaptation and Director)


(Adaptation and Director)


Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

(Fight Choreographer)


Marooned: A Pirates Tale



A Redneck Christmas Carol

(Co-Writer & Co-Director)

The Hobbit



The Wind in the Willows

(Assistant Director)