If you’ve looked at Jason’s resume, you can see the wide array of work he has accomplished thus far in his young career. From running teleprompter and gripping on nationally televised infomercials, to writing and directing tv commercials, training videos, and his own personal projects.

Jason’s three core areas he loves working in are writing, directing, and producing, but he is no stranger to being a grip, camera operator or directing live video at sports events. Whether it’s a feature film, a commercial, a live broadcast,  or a web series, Jason is very capable of accomplishing whatever task he is given.

Jason graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mass Media Production and also received the Missouri State Screenwriters Certificate in July 2009. In spring 2016, Jason was excited to become a per course faculty member at Missouri State where he now teaches mass media production. In 2017 Jason joined the staff of Ozarks Technical Community College as well teaching video production.

He is also the proud co-owner of American Wasteland Entertainment, LLC. A production company specializing in media entertainment. Jason also serves as the current vice-chair of the International Academy of Web Television.



-Live Directing/Switchboard Operator


-Camera Operator

-Camera Technician

-Robot Camera Operator

-Sound Design

-Web Series Production

-Creative Consultant

-Live Webcasts

-Production Assistant


-Story Development

-Project Development

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