Creative Consultant

With experience in working on everything from commercials and infomercials to feature films and web series, Jason has built his knowledge of production. Its this knowledge that he wants to use to help other productions, directors, or producers where he can. As a creative consultant on your project, Jason works closely with production on whatever level he is asked. Whether it be just helping with story and the script or giving advice on how to achieve certain shots and save money and time, he can do it.

Depending on budget of your project and what capacity you want Jason involved, pricing in negotiable. “I understand tight budgets, especially on an independent level. I work closely with whomever contacts me to work out something that we both feel is reasonable for both parties. My goal is to make the process as creatively fulfilling  and easy as possible,” Jason said.

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Currently Consulting Producer on 

Haunted Mind of an Insomniac

Written/Directed/Produced By: Danielle Earle