Another season of The Mystery Hour has come and gone

Well another season of the local emmy award winning talk show I am part of has wrapped up its sixth season. I have been on the production side of the show since 2014. Its always been fun and this season we pulled off some fun production stuff like the Point of View Cam for host Jeff to wear and we even did a set of remote episodes in Pittsburgh, Kansas! 

Besides the production side of things, the show pulled in some great guests this season. I met Aaron Schwartz of films such as The Mighty Ducks and one of my favorites, Heavy Weights. He’s also in the new Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2! Super nice guy and he even signed my Heavy Weights DVD. I also met Sean Whalen of, well everything you can think of. Twister, The People Under the Stairs, the original got milk guy, you know the one with who shot Aaron Burr. Another guy I met was Ptolemy Slocum of one of my favorite shows, West World on HBO. It resulted in one of my favorite pics of the year.

Well here are a few more behind the scenes pics from the season. Fun times were had and I am looking forward next season!