Teaching Media Production: Missouri State University

In two weeks I am back in front of the room teaching a media production course at Missouri State University. I graduated from MSU back in 2009 with my degree in Mass Media Production and the MSU Screening Writers Certificate, so even just being a per course faculty member there is an honor. I really enjoyed the media, journalism, and film department when I was a student there and look forward to perfecting my teaching from my first semester, which was spring 2016.

I was asked if I would be interested, I said of course and had three weeks to prepare. I learned a lot my first semester and look forward taking those lessons to heart and making this semester even more awesome for my students. The one thing I am really trying to do is interject stuff into my class that I didn’t get in college. I am drawing on a lot of my own experience, sharing some of the work I have done, telling why I made the choices i did and hard lessons I learned while working on those projects.

So here’s to organizing…re-organizing…rearranging…and finalizing my class syllabus for this semester and teaching about what i love doing.


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