Strange Happenings

In July, I just wrapped principal photography on the new American Wasteland Entertainment, original series, Strange Happenings. “Strange Happenings” is a short form television show that tells the story of Nicole Tesla, portrayed by Hannah Duncan. Nicole is a journalist with a knack for anything other-worldly. She writes about her encounters and findings in an online magazine/vlog called, “Strange Happenings”.
After being fired from an Enquirer like magazine, Nicole is at her whits end, until a mysterious financier decides to pay her for services, sending her on strange encounters with the supernatural. Who is this financier, and why does Nicole feel like she’s a pawn in an unseen game?

It was exciting all around as this was my first SAG-AFTRA Production. I was head producer/creator/story on the project! The other exciting parts about this new show was that we had a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers legend sign on!  David J. Fielding played, Mr. Wickles, one of the subjects Nicole is investigating. David is known for originating the character of Zordon on the original, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. David is also an accomplished author having stories published in Nevermet Press, Rebel ePublishers LLC, Alter Egos I & Alter Egos II from Source Point Press, Capes and Clockwork: Superheroes in the Age of Steam I & II anthologies from Dark Oak Press, to name a few. The final piece of the puzzle was casting the lead and my producing partner and I agreed that Nicole should be played by none other than Hannah Duncan. Hannah played a supporting role in my first series, Drifter: Broken Road. It was great to work with her again and she was amazing!

We now move into the post production process. Screen Shot 2016-07-23 at 1.57.52 AM


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